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Frequently Asked Questions

We are asked questions all the time so thought we should develop an FAQ! We hope this helps to make your decision to call us.

Yes! Identical twins, hence Twin Power Financial! We get this question often so we thought we would clarify for anyone who wanted to know.

No. Twin Power is 100% independent. We have access to over 24 of Canada’s best insurance companies. This allows us to find you the best products with the best companies to meet your specific needs.

No. The cost of insurance products are identical to the price you would pay if you dealt directly with companies. We are able to show you the price of all competitors and highlight plan features that meet your specific needs. While you can always buy the cheapest product through us, we will also show you the best product (if they are not two and the same). We would argue that using us will save you money by making sure the product you choose meets your specific needs

We offer a holistic approach to financial planning. From insurance planning to wealth management to mortgages, our goal is to make sure all areas of your financial life are being utilized to serve you best.

We do not charge anything to meet and give you advice. We believe knowledge is meant to be shared and we care about helping people.

You should ask our clients😊, we have a unique approach to financial planning as far as the experience goes. We do not believe in sales tactics or complicated jargon; we prefer a relaxed atmosphere where we educate and guide our clients to meet their financial goals. We try to simplify the process and to empower you to meet your goals. Once you meet our team, you’ll understand what we mean by the Power of Two!

We like to be as transparent as possible. We usually get paid directly from insurance companies through product offerings. This does not increase cost to you and therefore there is cost to you for dealing through us. We have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and always make sure your needs come before ours.

We at Twin Power Financial do not stop working for you when the deal is done. We are there for clients in their greatest time of need.  The following services are there for clients at NO COST:

  1. We will assist in the funeral arrangements in the event of death of a family member.
  2. We can contact family members and inform them of the passing of a loved one.
  3. We can notify the lawyer(s), accountants that a death has occurred to speed up the process
  4. We will help make life insurance claims through group insurance, individual
  5. insurance and CPP death benefits
  6. We can assist in going through the deceased's paperwork to find important documents
  7. We can give advice to the executor or to the family concerning financial matters

We will do as much or as little as the family wishes to help them do what is truly important when a death in the family occurs, grieve with your family.  Our goal is to lighten the burden if only a little to help the family in a time of need. These services we will gladly do at no charge for clients of Twin Power Financial. That is the Power of Two!

Benefits Solutions for Small Business

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Twin Power Financial is a Niagara, Canada-based financial services firm specializing in Wealth Management, Insurance Services and Mortgages.



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