Why Choose Twin Power Financial?

This business is about YOU, not about anything else. It is about:

  • Your needs
  • Your wants
  • Your wishlist
  • Your future  


We are INDEPENDENT from any company,not bound by any contract, which means a few major things for you as a client: 

  • We work for you and not any company!
  • We help you choose what is right for you!
  • We do not sell certain products because somebody is telling us to!


At Twin Power Financial, we CARE...

  • ...about YOU,
  • ...about YOUR family
  • ...about protecting you and your family from financial hardship


To us, this business is PERSONAL:


With over 25 plus years of experience in the financial and insurance industry, we strive to build strong foundational relationships that will grow as your wealth grows.  We aim to provide expert advice and quality service in a relaxed environment that will exceed your expectations.  We would like to earn your trust and be the ones there to assist you or your family during the good times and bad.


Experience what the Power of Two can do for you!


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Twin Power Financial, the Power 2 enrich your life!